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An important archive of early 20th and late 19th century Jewish East End of London photos has come into the possession of Jeecs.  Selected photos are reproduced below.  Double click to enlarge

Boot sellers in an East End market

Jews Temporary Shelter, 82 Leman Street

The sweating song

East End tailoring workshop

The Polish Yiddel Newspaper, 25th July 1884

Title page of Arbeiter Friend, 19th June 1891 - Workers's Friend...anarchist newspaper edited by Rudolph Rocker

German anarchist and East End union organiser Rudolph Rocker (centre of back row) with comrades

East End Carpentry workshop

East End shopfront

East End shop front

East End shop front

J Hill chemist and drugist, 14 Aldgate Avenue

East End shopfront

East End shop front

East End shop front

Rev N Halter, Chazan of Cannon Street road synagogue with his pupils

Harry Claff, music hall artist known as 'The White Knight'

Two Jewish characters

1915 Notice of a meeting to hear Dr Chaim Weitzman speak at 4 Fulbourne Street, Whitechapel

Advert for J Bonn, bakers of 2 Wentworth Street. Joseph Bonn became Bonns Matzo Co - taken over by Rakusens in the 1970s